Little Warriors

Signs & Symptoms

Although some children may not exhibit signs of being sexually abused, it is important that we are aware, and can recognize the physical, emotional or behavioural signs.

  • Sleeping problems, which could include night sweating, nightmares, or differing sleep patterns.
  • Masturbating excessively.
  • Sore or swollen genital or anus area, bleeding from genital area or anus, or vaginal discharge.
  • Genital infections, or pain when urinating or having a bowel movement.
  • Exhibiting sexual behaviors that are not age appropriate, including acting out with toys, friends or siblings.
  • Fear of being with a certain person, or in a certain place.
  • Eating problems, including loss of appetite
  • Aggressive behaviour, mood changes, anxiety, self destructive behavior.
  • Showing signs that it is painful to walk or sit.
  • Losing interest in the activities that they have always enjoyed.
  • Sudden negative change in academic performance.
  • Displaying anxiety when being undressed or changed.
  • Suddenly regressing to more infantile behaviors, such as bedwetting.

If you suspect child sexual abuse: Learn more about disclosing and reporting.

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