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CREB Talk: Article on Child Safety

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The following article was published in the CREB Talk (Calgary Real Estate Board) on Friday, November 22, 2013.

Practice Tip: Review photos for child safety

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference when considering child safety. CREB® reminds you to carefully review all of your photos for MLS® listings to avoid posting the name of a child online.

“When you meet with your client, be sure to go through their home and ask them to remove any items that identify a child by name before taking your pictures. It’s really just about being aware of the risks,” CREB® member Patricia Hayes explained while discussing child safety issues for REALTORS® with CREB®.

Hayes contacted CREB® after noticing that many listing photos were displaying the names of children on bedroom wall letters, pillows and decorative signs. “These images are being posted on the MLS® System for public consumption with the address of the client,” said Hayes. “It’s really not a very safe situation.”

CREB® shares Hayes perspective on making child safety a top priority. Before listing a property, it’s good practice to closely review your photos and discard any images that may personally identify children. The best approach is to seek final approval from sellers on photos and the content of a listing before posting.

Remove items that may identify a child in the initial walk through with your client, and think of the little things like wall art or decorative wording on furniture in the child’s bedroom. By adding these steps to your routine before taking a photo and posting your listing, you can stay alert to potential safety risks.

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