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Little Warriors facilitator hits major milestone!

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Calgary based Little Warriors Prevention Workshop Facilitator Patricia Hayes has trained 1000 individuals to help prevent, recognize and react to child sexual abuse!

Patricia has been a dedicated volunteer for Little Warriors for 5 years. Patricia acts primarily as a volunteer facilitator for the Little Warriors which requires her to educate groups of adults in her community. The three hour prevention workshops she facilitates take place at various locations throughout her community and due to the sensitive nature of the material can be very physically and emotionally draining

Patricia is dedicated to the cause of keeping the children in her community safe from sexual predators. Several times each month she trains various community groups and individuals how to achieve this. Her work has undoubtedly resulted in many children in her community being spared from the devastating effects of child sexual abuse as the adults in their lives are far better equipped to protect them once they have taken the training.

Patricia is an amazing and dedicated  volunteer, whilst having her own extremely busy job and family life she is always willing to put herself forward for training sessions, even when time and locations of sessions are challenging. Due to Patricia’s flexibility and dedication many training sessions have been made possible which most certainly would not have taken place otherwise.

Patricia is a wonderful, positive and caring person; nothing is too much trouble for her. Not only does she regularly give of her time to facilitate the prevention program, the manner in which she does so has inspired many people to advocate in numerous ways for the Little Warriors, she has been instrumental in recruiting many new volunteers. Patricia is so highly respected in her role as a volunteer facilitator, so much so, that Little Warriors now relies on her to act as a mentor to trainee volunteers.

Congratulations Patricia on this amazing milestone!

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