Little Warriors

MasterBUILT HOTELS chooses Little Warriors as one of their charities

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MasterBUILT HOTELS believes in giving back to the communities they build in. Common Ground is the first hotel donations program of its kind in Canada, created by MasterBUILT HOTELS to say “thank you” to the communities they build in.

Little Warriors is honoured to be one of the charities for their Common Ground Program. Learn more about MasterBUILT HOTELS, the Common Ground Initiative and hotel locations here.

"All of our MasterBUILT Hotels are proud members of the Common Ground program, and are dedicated to promoting the practices of community involvement, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. With our new hotel openings we create a call to action for the public to vote on which local charity means the most to their community  and who they want to see us partner with. We also encourage our employees and community members to get involved and volunteer with other charities and organizations of their choosing. Common Ground also allows each guest the opportunity to support the local community through an optional two dollar donation for each night they stay, these  funds support charities  in which we have partnered with and will humbly accept any further donations."

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