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MEG Energy & Contractors at Stonefell Step up to the plate and hit one out of the Park!

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The story of the ongoing fundraising efforts taking place at the MEG Energy Stonefell site in Fort Saskatchewan AB, is nothing short of inspirational.  It all began with a phone call from James Warner, Corporate E&M Manager for Phoenix Industrial near the beginning of the project in May 2012.

“There were lots of pop cans and bottles piling up on site” said James.  “Phoenix Industrial is actively looking for ways to protect the environment and support our communities so I approached Marcel Clement, Construction Manager with MEG Energy and asked him if we could donate all the recycled bottles and cans to Little Warriors.”  Marcel thought that was a great idea and added, “MEG Energy will also donate all proceeds from the vending machines on site to Little Warriors. Set it up James.”  James called us and asked if we would like to have the recyclables from the job site as a donation to Little Warriors.  James had heard about Little Warriors when he participated in the Annual Motorcycle Poker run which takes place every July.  Of course we were delighted to have the donation.

MEG Energy’s generosity grew as what it seemed weekly.  MEG started to see a trend on site and then decided to test the waters with a donation of a $1000.00 flat screen TV to raffle off with all proceeds going to Little Warriors.  The contractors jumped on board, purchasing enough tickets to exceed the value of the TV.  MEG saw this as a moral booster and a way to help in our community, organizing draws once a month with donations from all the different contractors on site.  “All the contractors were very generous with their donations” said James.

Since that date the donations have been increasing each month along with the spirit and enthusiasm of the employees of the plant.  They are excited and motivated to do everything in their power to help Little Warriors. From trades people to upper management, everyone seemed to be catching the fever of wanting to help Little Warriors.  Recyclables soon became vending machine proceeds, then employee raffles and donations which finally lead to the careful collection of scrap metals and left over construction materials from the construction of the site, the proceeds of which are to be donated by MEG Energy to Little Warriors as well.

MEG Energy’s growing generosity with the support of the contractors and the collective energy and commitment of all the people at the Stonefell site will culminate into a total donation estimated at $125,000 by project end!  James and all the staff of Little Warriors are extremely excited that something as seemingly small as a “bottle drive” could have mushroomed into such a substantial donation!  This is such a wonderful example of how the simple act of saving your pop cans can escalade resulting in the ability to change lives!

Special thanks to MEG Energy and Contractors at Stonefell: Phoenix Industrial, Studon, Park Derochie, Tomco, Weinrich, Thomas Insulation, Northern Crane, Voice, and Layfield.

Little Warriors is a national charitable organization, based in Canada, focusing on the education and prevention of child sexual abuse. Little Warriors teaches adults how to help prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. In addition to prevention education, Little Warriors also provides information about the prevalence and frequency of child sexual abuse and information about healing and support resources. Little Warriors’ vision is to build the first of its kind treatment centre for children survivors of child sexual abuse, the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch.

As stated in our mission statement a large part of what we do is raise awareness about the prevalence of CSA.  We believe that we cannot change something we don’t acknowledge.  An amazing result of this Stonefell fundraiser is that now 300 + more people are aware!  That in and of itself is half the challenge!  Little Warriors intends on using a portion of the proceeds to provide prevention training to members of the Fort Saskatchewan community.  Thus, showcasing once more the dedication and commitment of MEG Energy and it’s contractors by giving back to the citizens of Fort Saskatchewan.

The following are quotes from the dedicated members of the Stonefell site. They say it better than we ever could!

“It’s a great program.  People are really starting to pitch in and motivate others on site” – Rachael Vaugeois – Meg Energy

“I think it’s an awesome thing.  People say talks cheap… Just do it!” – Kirby Russel – Pipefitter Foreman – Phoenix Industrial

“It’s a great Program, Just do it for the kids” – Laura Lee Hepditch – Pipefitter – Phoenix Industrial

“It’s just too easy for lots of people to donate small amounts and it makes such a huge difference” – Ken Power - Millwright – Weinrich Contracting Ltd.

“It’s a good idea to have on site.  It helps promote recycling and saves kids in the process.  It makes you aware of the dangers for kids and just how often it’s happening.” – Matt Vander Veen – Safety – Phoenix Industrial

“Great to see big oil companies and contractors giving back.  The smallest of items that are generally thrown away can be turned into something that can make a difference.” – Thomas Kowalski – Safety – Phoenix Industrial

“It’s amazing what they’ve done and how far it’s come.  I think its done a lot of good and the support that’s come along with it is incredible.” – Jason Morin – Project Manager – Phoenix Industrial

“I usually give people crap for not recycling! Lol.  Now I make it an objective to support such a valuable cause and organization” – Richard Hai – Scheduler – Phoenix Industrial

“I had never heard of his organization or what it does until I came to Stonefell.  It opened my eyes to the problem and made me aware.  It’s a great idea!” – Eric Tsafack – Planner – Phoenix Industrial

“It’s a great cause, everyone’s on board with it here.  Nice to see something not so generic that goes to a local cause.” – Kevin Blenkhorn – Construction Manager – Studon

“With all the foreign aid, it’s nice to be able to donate to something local.  It makes a difference in our community” – Luke Dalton – Project Controls – Studon

 “It’s about time someone did something on these sites.  It doesn’t take much to make it happen” – Joe Gervais – Welder – JG Welding/Phoenix Industrial

“Little victims need big help” – DJ Power – Pipefitter – Phoenix Industrial

“Had never heard of the program until I came to Stonefell, now I’m on board” – Curtis Savor – Welder – TCB Services/Phoenix Industrial

“The Program is Priceless” – Cory Maio – Welder Apprentice – Phoenix Industrial

“I never would have imagined that what started as just recycling a few pop cans could escalate into such support from my co-workers.  I’m proud to be able to support such a great cause and have the full support of not only the contractors on site but the client as well.  It’s improving moral and making a difference in these kids’ lives every day.”  James Warner – Site Wide Services GF/E&M Manager – Phoenix Industrial

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