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Quilts for the Be Brave Ranch

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Little Warriors needs your help to wrap our children in love.

Little Warriors achieved its goal and vision of building a treatment centre focused solely to help children who have been sexually abused, as well as their families: the Be Brave Ranch. The Be Brave Ranch will help to change the lives of children who have been sexually abused; it will give them a place to heal, to be loved and to recover from the terror that is child sexual abuse.

Every child who comes to stay at the Be Brave Ranch will receive a quilt. This quilt will show them that they are loved and safe during their stay at the ranch. All children will take their quilts home with them when they complete their treatment program to remind them every day that they are not alone, they are loved and they are survivors.

One in three girls and one in six boys experience unwanted sexual acts; they all need our love.

How you can help children who are victims of child sexual abuse:

Little Warriors relies on the support of community-minded people like you to accomplish all we do for these children. With your support and your crafting skills, we will be able to wrap each child in love with a quilt for them to take home.

We need approximately 100 quilts per year.

More information about the quilts:

  • Size: to fit a single or double bed
  • Material: fabric
  • Quantity: 100/year
  • Personal touch: Each quilter is encouraged to attach a little note of encouragement to each blanket for the children to read when they first receive their blanket.

**Some children benefit from weighted blankets, but these are very expensive to purchase. If you would like to try your hand at making a weighted blanket it would be very beneficial for the children.

Complete the donation information form and please drop off the quilts to:

Little Warriors
C/O G-Squared
10615, 124 St
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1S5

Or ship the quilts to:

Little Warriors/Be Brave Ranch
PO Box 92507
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X4

If you have any questions feel free to email or call 780-922-9010.

Download a PDF of this letter for your quilting group here.

Thank you for supporting the children that will come to the Be Brave Ranch!

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