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Sherwood Park News: Industrial terminal helps charity

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A group of workers for MEG Energy has started a program to raise money for a nearby charity by recycling.

The workers at Stonefell Terminal in Strathcona County started a program where they would donate money collected from used bottles at the site to the Little Warriors program in Edmonton. Corporate communications manager Taryn Bolder said soon after the program began, it started evolving to include more ways to raise money.

“It started with ‘Hey, can we donate the proceeds from the can recycling at site?’ and then it grew into our MEG team (saying) ‘You know what, we’re not only going to donate proceeds from recycling, we’ll also donate the proceeds from the vending machine sales as well.’ From there it continued to snowball.”

The workers started making periodic raffle draws for items such as big screen TVs and donated the money raised from those as well. Then came the idea to get back to donating through recycling.

“I guess the crown jewel of the whole campaign (is that) MEG has donated the proceeds from a bunch of recycled scrap metals and leftover construction materials, and that has been the biggest piece of the donation puzzle,” Bolder said.

On Aug. 13, 15 months after they started raising the money, MEG was able to provide a cheque for $74,846. 67 to the charity, which focuses on educating people about child sexual abuse and preventing it.

“The energy and passion that the MEG employees and contractors have shown for Little Warriors has been amazing,” Little Warriors founder Glori Meldrum said, following the presentation. “We applaud their spirit and their efforts in raising awareness and support for such and important cause.”

Bolder mentioned that they aren’t done yet. In fact, they have only made it a little bit farther than half-way.

“As (the workers) started to see the momentum pick up and then when they started talking about the recycled materials — scrap metal and construction materials — that’s when they said there’s some big dollars to be raised here,” Bolder said. “Our ultimate goal is $125,000 because there’s still more work to be done up at the terminal and there’s more donations coming out of those campaigns.”

Bolder said the success seen so far is a testament to the workers at the site.

“That’s the best part about this campaign... (it’s) somebody’s idea, just a simple little idea that grew so quickly,” she said. “Everybody embraced it up at the site and that’s why it’s been so successful. Our staff really drove this campaign forward.”

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