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Wildrose Announces $25,000 in Funding for Little Warriors

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EDMONTON, AB (March 21, 2013): Today, the Wildrose Official Opposition announced that the first donation from the Wildrose Caucus Foundation will be given to the Little Warriors Foundation, an organization that directly supports children who have been victims of sexual abuse.

The $25,000 donation will go towards to the creation of the Be Brave Ranch, a first-of-its-kind long term treatment facility for kids who have been sexually abused in Canada.  Little Warriors, an Edmonton-based organization, has raised $1.6 million from donors and supporters towards the approximate $3.5 million cost of establishing the camp.

“I am very pleased to announce today that the Wildrose Caucus Foundation will be giving $25,000 to an organization that does such invaluable work in our community towards protecting our most vulnerable and helping them heal after horrific crimes committed against them,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said.  “The Little Warriors organization reflects the priorities of all Albertans in making sure that victims of crime have the resources they deserve.”

Glori Meldrum, Founder and Chair of the Little Warriors Foundation said that the vision for the Be Brave Ranch is to provide a safe place of healing for sexually abused children.

“People need to understand that sexual abuse isn’t a minor crime and has detrimental impacts for its victims,” Meldrum said.  “Today’s funding announcement brings us one step closer to ensure that survivors of sexual abuse will have a new place to heal and recover.”

With a $650,000 funding commitment by the Alberta government denied in December, the Wildrose believes that the government should consider the Victims of Crime fund to help support the Be Brave Ranch.  Last year the fund had a $1.49 million surplus.

Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw said that this is about funding the priorities that matter most to Alberta victims across the province.

“Funding for victims and those who can’t defend themselves should be a priority for our government,” Saskiw said.  “This is about ensuring survivors of sexual abuse have a place where they can recover and find peace.”

The Wildrose Caucus Foundation is a registered charity created by the Wildrose Caucus using the extra pay MLAs received as a result of last year’s 8% MLA pay hike.

To donate to Little Warriors, visit:

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