Little Warriors


What is Little Warriors?

Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization that is committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

What is the history of Little Warriors?

Little Warriors was granted charitable status in February 2007. Since that time, a team of dedicated volunteers and staff have worked to create an action based charitable organization to bring awareness, offer prevention education and treatment for children who have experienced child sexual abuse.

Glori Meldrum founded Little Warriors in August 2005. She was inspired to help all children who had been sexually abused because of her past experience as a survivor of child sexual abuse.

What is the Vision of Little Warriors?

Little Warriors is a national organization committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

What is the mission of Little Warriors?

Little Warriors is committed to:

  • Provide awareness and information about child sexual abuse.
  • Provide child sexual abuse prevention strategies to adults through education.
  • Provide information about healing and support resources.
  • Provide a treatment facility to help children cope with the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.

What are the goals and objectives of Little Warriors?


  • Relay a fundamental prevention education message, to culturally sensitive communities, that fit the needs of the growing multi-cultural and Aboriginal communities across Canada.
  • Enhancement of community impact to provide prevention training and mental health treatment subsidies to high risk and vulnerable individuals within communities.
  • Give rise to community resource access. Provide Canadians with local and national child sexual abuse resource information.


  • Spread the message of responsibility, action and hope by educating specially selected volunteers to deliver the prevention training across Canada.
  • Reduce the stigma on child sexual abuse, and facilitate an increased transfer of skills and knowledge, through the advanced development of a compelling child sexual abuse Canadian prevention program.
  • Create road blocks for sexual predators and encourage organizations to incorporate mandatory child sexual abuse prevention policies and procedures.


  • Create warrior-like compassion. Turn pain into change. Commit to bring access to a treatment centre for all the children across Canada who have been sexually abused.
  • Provide a safe and secure treatment centre for children and youth who have been sexually abused.
  • Address versus suppress the core mental health issues stemming from child sexual abuse. Open up the door for children to access a vital mental health treatment service. A centre that currently does not exist in Canada.
  • Help to fill the mental health gap of time-delayed traditional child sexual abuse counselling methods and provide effective clinical focused treatment that will be the first of its kind in Canada.

Who founded Little Warriors and why?

Founding Little Warriors has been a life long dream for Glori Meldrum – she just didn't know it. Her “Ah-Ha” moment occurred nearly 24 years after being abused. Glori had a dream to do something to help prevent child sexual abuse, and Little Warriors is the realization of that dream.

Glori is a successful entrepreneur, and it is her business knowledge, strong vision, and willingness to take risks and dedication to self-improvement that makes Glori an asset to the Little Warriors Board of Directors.

In addition to being a Little Warrior herself, Glori is a business owner, mother, wife and philanthropist. She owns and operates a successful advertising agency and web development company. Glori is also involved in a number of projects for local not-for-profit organizations including The Good Samaritan Society, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

In 2005 Glori became the first female president of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) of Edmonton and has been honoured with a YWCA Women of Distinction Award. She was also named a finalist in the Best Entrepreneur – Service Businesses – Up to 100 Employees category in the 2005 Stevie Awards for Women.

Where are you located?

The Little Warriors head office is located at the Be Brave Ranch. Due to our efforts to keep the children attending the Be Brave Ranch safe we do not disclose our location to the general public.

Our mailing address is: Little Warriors/Be Brave Ranch, PO Box 92507, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X4

*Prevent It! Taking Action To Stop Child Sexual Abuse workshops are offered in various cities across Canada. Please click here for more information on the Prevent It! workshop and the schedule.

What is the Be Brave Ranch?

The Be Brave Ranch by Ray LaBonte and Family is a long-term, trauma informed treatment centre focused solely to help children who have been sexually abused, as well as their families. The Be Brave Ranch program (supported by Little Warriors) offers these children a place to heal and increase their chances of growing into healthy adults. Clinical supports are offered to children and their families for one full year. For more information on the Be Brave Ranch program, how to apply or how to donate click here.

What is the Prevent It! Workshop?

The evidence based education workshop was developed by researchers at the University of Alberta and research shows it significantly improves attitudes, knowledge and behaviour. This workshop is unique in Canada and was developed using research-informed methods and evaluated with scientific rigour.

The Prevent It! workshop offers hope in the fight to prevent child sexual abuse. This hope comes from the knowledge that adults who take it can become more supportive of children and begin using more behaviours that are believed to reduce children’s vulnerability to sexual abuse. The Prevent It! workshop educates adults to TAKE ACTION through gaining knowledge to help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.

Individuals can attend workshops in your community, take the workshop online or you can book a facilitator to come to your location to host a workshop for your group. For more information on group bookings or to register for the Prevent It! workshop visit our website here:  or email  

How did Little Warriors get its name?

The name Little Warriors was inspired by a painting. The spirit of a warrior lives within every victim of child sexual abuse. The imagery of a warrior is linked to child sexual abuse because victims need the strength and spirit of their inner warrior to face their experiences and heal. Like a warrior, these children also need the help, compassion, support and love of many people (like a tribe), to overcome the many obstacles they will face.

What does it mean to be a Little Warrior?

Little Warriors are survivors. They are children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse learning to heal their hearts, bodies and minds. They are trying to understand that the guilt and shame they may feel is not their burden to carry, but belongs to their perpetrator. They are learning to love and be honest with themselves and while learning to accept love and support from the people who care about them the most.

How is Little Warriors funded?

Little Warriors is funded privately through individual donors, corporate donations, grants and third party fundraising events/initiatives.  We host two major fundraising event each year, the Be Brave Luncheon in Edmonton each spring and the Little Warriors Golf Tournament each fall. Many donations of products, services, supplies and equipment have also been made by a large number of supporters. Visit the Supporters tab on this website to view all of our wonderful donors and supporters.

Does the government fund you?

To date all contributions have been made by individual donors, corporate donors, community foundations and third party fundraisers.

What is the operational structure of Little Warriors?

Operational decisions are made by the Little Warriors CEO and Board of Directors.

Is Little Warriors a national charity?

Although the Little Warriors office is located in Alberta, Little Warriors has a national focus. Our goal is to have trained facilitators teach the Prevent It! workshop across the country. Children from all over Canada that meet the criteria are invited to apply to come to the Be Brave Ranch program.

Little Warriors has also compiled a list of healing and support resources throughout Canada, which will continually be updated.

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How can I get involved and help Little Warriors?

Visit the You Can Help section on this website. Thank you!