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What is child sexual abuse?

Child Sexual Abuse:

    1. Is the inappropriate exposure or subjection of a child to sexual material, contact, activity or behaviour.
    2. Includes any sexual act directed toward a child by an adult or by an oder more powerful child.

The 4 Types of Child Sexual Abuse

Exposure Abuse
• Exposure of the genitals to a child
• Photographing the child’s genitals or the child for a sexual purpose
• An adult masturbating in front of a child
• Exposing a child to pornography or using a child in pornography
• Talking to, taunting or teasing a child in a sexual way

Non-genital Touching
• Inappropriate oral contact (i.e.,“kissing”)
• Rubbing a child’s thighs in a sexualized manner and/or saying things that are sexual in nature

Genital Contact
• Touching of a child’s genitals by an adult with a body part or object
• An adult telling a child to touch an adult’s or another’s genitals
• Rubbing (masturbating) against a child
• Includes an adult putting his or her mouth on the child’s genitals or the child putting his or her mouth on the adult’s genitals

Penetrative Abuse
• Any type of penetration of a child’s vagina, anus or mouth, however slight, by a penis, finger, tongue or other object

Martin & Silverstone, 2013