Children from across Canada come to the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch to receive trauma-informed treatment for child sexual abuse trauma. As a parent or primary caregiver, you may have many questions regarding our application process and how we might be able to assist your child and your family. Similarly, as a mental health professional, physician or social service agency, you may be interested in recommending our program to a family in need.

We pride ourselves in being able to effectively manage our waiting lists so that youth from across Canada ages 8-17 in need of treatment for child sexual abuse trauma are able to come to the Be Brave Ranch and receive help in a timely manner.

Our programs are offered without any financial barriers. In order to remove financial barriers and allow our program to be accessible to more children, teens, and families, Little Warriors will work with parents/caregivers to access financial supports that may be available to them and/or their children. We work hard to fundraise so we can help those in need of our life changing, specialized treatment.

To ensure you are provided with the most appropriate information for your purposes, please click on the applicable link below: