Increased Expansion at the Be Brave Ranch

To meet the waiting list demands, our goal is to build a new housing unit on the existing 120-acre Be Brave Ranch property, which will allow an additional 40 children to receive specialized, intensive trauma treatment each and every month. Strong mental health promotes a positive outlook and enables us all to participate in life and accomplish our goals. Every child deserves a healthy life trajectory!

The negative social implications of child sexual abuse are profound. Some of the devastating outcomes for children and teen survivors include symptoms of PTSD, anxiety/depression, increased suicide rates, addiction/substance abuse, poverty, crime, homelessness, prostitution and more.

Specialized, early interventions, as delivered at the Be Brave Ranch, reduce mental health related issues, including reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, suicide, interactions with the justice system and school dropout rates. Additionally, the intensive and comprehensive treatment program significantly improves self-esteem, cognitive abilities, resiliency and increased performance in school.

Little Warriors is very pleased to be working in partnership with Brian Allsopp Architect Ltd. and Qualico Communities to develop this new expansion house. These valuable partners are committed to helping us keep project costs down where possible.

The estimated amount needed for the new children’s accommodations is $5,000,000.