Little Warriors Online Bridge Programs

The Be Brave Bridge Intensive is a comprehensive online program that connects specialized counsellors and coaches with children, teens and parents impacted by trauma who might not otherwise receive timely mental health support. Every year Little Warriors’ Be Brave Ranch welcomes nearly 100 new clients who have been impacted by sexual abuse from across Canada to receive intensive, specialized treatment for child sexual abuse trauma. But with the number of kids waiting to receive support services, the need for additional support became very apparent. That is why we have developed the Be Brave Bridge Intensive Online Programs. These programs are designed to provide immediate mental health support to anyone affected by trauma.

If your family has been impacted by trauma and you are looking for mental health support, the Be Brave Bridge Intensive Online Programs may be a fit for you.

The Bridge Community Programs are available to the general public to educate children and youth across Canada on several topics to help them navigate every day life.  The online module-based program provides information, resources, tools and support services in an interactive, age appropriate way. Programs are available for children 8-12 years old and adolescents 13-17 years old.

The Facilitated Group sessions may be delivered by Youth Service providers, professionals, schools, counsellors, trained facilitators and more. The individual program can be accessed independently by any youth or caregiver, with an interest, need or want.