We are excited to offer Psychoeducational Sessions on topics from our Little Warriors Be Brave Bridge Intensive Online Program.

The Be Brave Bridge Intensive are comprehensive online programs that connect specialized counsellors and coaches with children, teens and parents/caregivers impacted by trauma who might not otherwise receive timely mental health support.

The material for the Online Program Modules and Education Sessions were developed from the evidence-based, specialized trauma treatment program that is provided at the Be Brave Ranch. We’ve taken the insights used at the Ranch and embedded them throughout the Be Brave Bridge Online Programs and Education Sessions. All of the information and teachings provided have been carefully researched, and offer the most effective interventions, tools and strategies.

These psychoeducational sessions offer great insight to what you can expect as a participant in the full, Be Brave Bridge Intensive Online Program. If you’re finding that you enjoy these series, you may want to learn more about the program here, or sign up today here.

Upcoming Sessions

Teen Dating (for Parents/Caregivers)

Monday, April 1st 5-6PM MST Live

Learn about teen ‘readiness’ for relationships, emotional maturity, sex, intimacy and consent, healthy vs. toxic and abusive relationships.

DBT Concepts/Skills (for Parents/Caregivers)

Wednesday, April 17th at 8-9AM MST Live

Learn the basics of dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) concepts, and how to apply them to best support your teen. Mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness.

Technology’s Impact & Internet Safety (for Parents/Caregivers)

Friday, May 3rd at 1-2PM MST Live

Learn about technology’s impact on mental health and internet safety including online sexual exploitation, artificial intelligence, toxic social media algorithms, harassment, bullying.


Jill has worked with Little Warriors for the past 5 years, honoured to have served child sexual abuse survivors and their families through a variety of different ways. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, she along with other members of the Little Warriors Clinical Team created on-line support programs to help families who would not otherwise receive timely mental health support. She is now the clinical Lead of these programs, which connect specialized counsellors and coaches with children, teens, and parents impacted by not only child sexual abuse specifically, but trauma in general.

What to expect

The online, live Psychoeducational Sessions:

  • Will be offered at varying times, and will be one hour in length. We’ve tried to stagger days/times as best we could to accommodate people’s varying schedules; however, if you are unable to join any of our LIVE sessions, please note that all registrants will be emailed a recording of the session after the week’s series.
  • Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email with log in details.
  • There’s no fee to attend the psychoeducational sessions, but donations to Little Warriors are greatly appreciated. All donations over $25 will receive a tax receipt.
  • The sessions will be a presentation style, not interactive. All participants will be muted with cameras off.
This information is so timely. I'm now more aware of how I interact with my child and we are having such great progress.
Parent who has taken our online Be Brave Bridge Intensive Program