The Be Brave Bridge

The Be Brave Bridge Intensive are comprehensive online programs that connects specialized counsellors and coaches with children, teens and parents/caregivers impacted by trauma who might not otherwise receive timely mental health support.

The programs for children and adolescents offers a similar evidence-based, specialized trauma treatment that is provided at the Be Brave Ranch. We’ve taken the insights used at the Ranch and embedded them throughout the Be Brave Bridge Online Programs. All of the information and teachings provided have been carefully researched, and offer the most effective interventions and strategies.

The Parent/Caregiver Online Program supports families to better understand and address their children and teens who have been impacted by trauma and/or child sexual abuse through developing an effective trauma-informed parenting approach.

“I feel soooo much better able to cope and understand my child’s behaviour…now we seem to be speaking the same language”.

How it works

Designed with significant input from many leading academic and clinical experts who specialize in child sexual abuse (see Our Team), the Be Brave Bridge Online Programs helps children, adolescents and parents/caregivers overcome the devastating effects of child sexual abuse, and change the trajectory of their lives.

The Be Brave Bridge features three unique online programs::

  • Parent/Caregiver Online Program (for parents/caregivers of children or adolescents who have experienced trauma)
    Through reading, videos, reflection and interactive components and ongoing video and phone check ins with your online coach, parents and caregivers will learn how to help support children and teens. Watch this quick video from Dr. Wanda Polzin Holman, Clinical Director at the Be Brave Ranch talking about the program.
  • Adolescent Online Program (ages 13-17)
    Teaches and supports traumatized teens ages 13-17 through reading, exercises to complete, interactive reflection, video education and ongoing video and phone coaching. Watch this quick video from Dr. Wanda Polzin Holman, Clinical Director at the Be Brave Ranch talking about the program.
  • Child and Parent/Supportive Caregiver Online Program (ages 8-12)
    Teaches and supports traumatized children and their parent/supportive caregiver ages 8-12 through reading, exercises to complete, interactive reflection, video education and ongoing video and phone coaching. Children will take this program along with a parent or supportive caregiver.


If your family has been impacted by trauma and/or child sexual abuse and you are interested in applying to become a program participant for the Be Brave Bridge Online Programs, please read the FAQ below and complete the Registration/Self-Referral form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the video on the right for program overview and general expectations. Scroll down below for more answers to questions you may have about our online Be Brave Bridge programs.

"This program is easy to use and provides so much valuable information to use each and every day"
  • How much does this cost?

    As part of our mission, we want to ensure all families have access to the support they deserve regardless of how much they’re able to pay. We presently do not ask anything out-of-pocket for those enrolled in the Be Brave Bridge Online Programs. However, as Little Warriors is a charitable organization, should you be able to support us in any financial capacity, we strongly encourage you to do so here. 

  • How long is the waitlist?

    The Be Brave Bridge Online Programs were first created to provide immediate support to families on waitlists for other related supports (e.g. the Be Brave Ranch). As such, we work hard to ensure there is no—or at least a very short—waitlist.

  • What is the time commitment like?

    On average, all Be Brave Bridge Online Programs include about 22 modules—each module taking approximately 20 minutes to complete. You’ll work on the modules in your own time, but will have the ‘check-in coaching sessions’ with your Coach as needed—each session taking anywhere between 15-60 minutes over video-call. These sessions can be as frequent or spread-out as you like.

  • Modules / Topics Covered

    Be Brave Bridge Parent/Caregiver Online Intensive Program: 

    • Orientation/Overview
    • The Basics
    • Prevention, Myths and Realities
    • Child Development
    • Reinforcements
    • Connection
    • Attachment and Connection
    • Stress, Physiology and Self-Care
    • Honouring our Differences
    • Trauma Informed Parenting
    • Understanding Sensory Profiles
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences
    • Let’s Talk About Safety
    • Co-Regulation
    • Parenting Styles
    • Mindfulness and Parenting
    • Special Considerations
    • Strategies for Success
    • Understanding and Applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    • Expectations and Consequences
    • Collaborative Problem Solving
    • Gratitude


    Be Brave Bridge Adolescent Online Program: 

    • Overview/Orientation
    • All About Me
    • Boundaries
    • Family Roles
    • Relationships
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Mindfulness
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Emotional Regulation
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Distress Tolerance
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Walking the Middle Path
    • Sleep and Nutrition
    • Consent
    • Safe Place
    • Online and Sexual Safety
    • Using My Senses
    • Understanding Sexual Abuse
    • Self-Care
    • Addictions and Self-Harm
    • Trauma and My Brain
    • Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
    • CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    • Goal Setting
    • Positive Psychology, Strengths and Gratitude


    Be Brave Bridge Child and Supportive Caregiver: 

    • Overview/Orientation
    • All About Me
    • Safety
    • Boundaries
    • Relationships
    • Consent
    • Family
    • Using My Senses
    • Understanding Trauma and Abuse
    • Culture, Gender, Spirituality and Other Differences
    • Self-Care
    • Dealing with Feelings
    • Stress, Trauma and My Brain
    • Sleep and Nutrition
    • CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    • Setting Goals
    • Gratitude and Positivity
  • A Sneak Peek






  • Getting Started

    Once you have completed the Registration/Self-Referral form you will hear from one of our online coaches within 7 business days.

    The coach will connect with you to set up a time to go over the consents, orientation and log in information for the online platform. The online programs are accessible through a secure platform called “IRIS”. IRIS provides end-to-end encryption for security and confidentiality purposes.

    You will then start the online program and check in with your coach as needed.

    If you like, your coach and you will set up a time to connect and go over what you the strategies and concepts you have learned in the modules. Coaching sessions typically last anywhere from 15 minutes up to 1 hour—depending on depth/complexity of modules being discussed, how much time you’re able to set aside, etc.

    At the completion of the online program, you will receive a certificate.

    Important to Note: 

    Lack of Communication/’No-Shows’: When you request a check in with your coach and they contact you to set up a Zoom call or to check-in, we ask that you respond ASAP. If you cannot meet your Coach for a check-in as planned, please let your Coach know through the Iris messaging system ASAP. Consistent ‘no-shows’ may result in cancelling your access to the program.

    Though this is a ‘move-at-your-own-pace’ program, we ask that you complete the program in no more than 6 months to allow for others to be enrolled and participate in the program.

  • Who are these Coaches?

    All Be Brave Bridge Coaches are members of the Little Warriors’ Clinical Team—most of whom work at the Be Brave Ranch (our intensive, in-person child sexual abuse treatment centre). This means you have support from specialists in the field to improve your understanding of trauma and mental health.

    While Coaches are undoubtedly supportive and therapeutic, it’s important to recognize that Coaches are not therapists and, therefore, are not substitutes for therapy or psychological intervention. Should such intervention be indicated, Coaches are happy to discuss referrals to other supports that might be more appropriate for the participant at the time.

    Please note this program is NOT an emergency service. Coaching sessions and support are not available outside of scheduled online connection times. If you need immediate help regarding your mental health, you will need to connect with your nearest emergency/crisis support(s).

  • Confidentiality

    We will do everything possible to protect your identity and keep all matters discussed confidential; however, please note that:

    • With technology, there is always the risk that security may be compromised. If at some point we discover that the platform we are using is no longer secure we will inform you and discuss another potential platform for use.
    • Coaches are mandated reporters, meaning, should in working with a participant, they suspect any form of abuse unto a child/youth, they are legally required to report to the authorities.
    • Recording of sessions cannot be done without both Participant and Coach consent; breeching this will likely lead to a discharge from the program.
    • If at any time your Coach is concerned for your safety/well-being, they will connect with your emergency contact or parent/guardian to follow-up.
  • If I’m interested in the Parent/Caregiver version of the Be Brave Bridge, but not technically a parent/caregiver of a child/youth, can I still enroll?

    Yes! Though this program was specifically designed to support parents/caregivers of children and youth with a trauma and/or sexual abuse history, any adult would benefit from this program. We believe knowledge is power. By taking the time to do the Be Brave Bridge Parent/Caregiver version, you are committing to learn about trauma, child sexual abuse, and other topics we believe aren’t discussed nearly as much as they should be. Whether you’re a teacher, child and youth care worker, grandparent, etc., we feel any adult can benefit from this program.

    “As a parent, I wish I had this information sooner…this should be available to everyone!”.

  • I’ve already taken Little Warriors’ Prevent It! program. Is this sort of the same thing?

    Not exactly. The Little Warriors Prevent It! workshop was specifically designed to educate adults in the community to better help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. While this is definitely discussed in the Be Brave Bridge Parent/Caregiver Program, it is just one piece of a much greater, comprehensive psycho-educational program re: child sexual abuse.

  • If I decide this program isn’t for me after enrolling, can I take a break or stop altogether?

    Yes. We would never force anyone to continue any Little Warriors program if they feel it no longer feels like the right fit for them. Though rare, if this ever ends up being the case, our Coaches are happy to work with you to coordinate another support that might be more appropriate at the time.

More information

If you know of a child, teen or family impacted by trauma and/or child sexual abuse who could benefit from participating in the comprehensive Be Brave Bridge Online Program and you would like further information, please contact Jillian McNeil at


Help us continue to build the bridge

As an organization fully funded through community support, Little Warriors relies on the generosity of donors, partners and organizations to continue to serve children, teens and families across Canada who have been impacted by child sexual abuse. Critical funding for the Be Brave Bridge includes generous support from Canada Post Community Foundation, generous individuals and donors from across Canada and the Edmonton Community Foundation’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) to help create the Be Brave Bridge. Read more here about the ECSF donation.

Your support is critical to the Be Brave Bridge Online Program to continue to offer the service to children and families in need. Your gift will directly impact kids who rely on the services of the Little Warriors for critical, life-changing support.

Please consider a donation to help us offer the Be Brave Bridge Online Program.

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