Be Informed Before You Register

Here is some important information for you to be aware of before you begin:

  • Your Coach will provide a brief Orientation of the program prior to starting; however, if there are ever any questions/concerns as you move through the program, don’t hesitate to let your Coach know.
  • Our Be Brave Bridge programs are accessible through a secure platform called “IRIS”. IRIS provides end-to-end encryption for security and confidentiality purposes.
  • Coaching sessions typically last anywhere from 15 minutes up to 1 hour—depending on depth/complexity of modules being discussed, how much time you’re able to set aside, etc.
  • Confidentiality: We will do everything possible to protect your identity and keep all matters discussed confidential; however, please note that:
  • With technology, there is always the risk that security may be compromised. If at some point we discover that the platform we are using is no longer secure we will inform you and discuss another potential platform for use.
  • Coaches are mandated reporters, meaning, should in working with a participant, they suspect any form of abuse unto a child/youth, they are legally required to report to the authorities.
  • Recording of sessions cannot be done without both Participant and Coach consent; breeching this will likely lead to a discharge from the program.
  • Please note this program is NOT an emergency service. Coaching sessions and support are not available outside of scheduled Zoom times. If you need immediate help regarding your mental health, you will need to connect with your nearest emergency/crisis support(s).
  • If at any time your Coach is concerned for your safety/well-being, they will connect with your emergency contact or parent/guardian to follow-up.
  • Lack of Communication/’No-Shows’: When your Coach contacts you to set up a Zoom call or to check-in, we ask that you respond ASAP. After three attempts to contact you without any response, your access to the online program will likely be cancelled. If you cannot meet your Coach for a check-in as planned, please let your Coach know through the Iris messaging system ASAP. Consistent ‘no-shows’ may result in cancelling your access to the program.
  • Though this is a ‘move-at-your-own-pace’ program, we ask that you complete the program in no more than 6 months to allow for others to be enrolled and participate in the program. *Setting standing, consistent weekly/bi-weekly check-in sessions can help in keeping you on track.
  • Upon completion of the program, you will earn a Certificate. For the adolescent and children’s programs, there will be a debrief with you and/or your guardian as well.