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About the Be Brave Ranch

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As the first facility of its kind, the Be Brave Ranch has grown into a world-class organization, forging new standards for child sexual abuse treatment. Girls and boys ages 8-12, and girls ages 13-16, come from all over Canada to participate in our intensive, trauma-informed therapeutic programs.

Designed by leading clinical and academic experts, the Be Brave Ranch programs are proven to help kids overcome the devastating effects of child sexual abuse. With their renewed mental health, these children can move on to lead vibrant, accomplished lives.

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“I never fit in…I didn’t have friends before either. I was bullied real bad before I came here. Then, I made friends at the Be Brave Ranch who were also abused. I now know that I am not alone and I can move on and pretty much do whatever I set my mind to…”

-Jay (age 12)

95% of child sexual abuse survivors know and trust their perpetrator.1
1/3 girls experience an unwanted sexual act.2
1/6 boys experience an unwanted sexual act.2

1. Based on historical data. Source: Child Sexual Abuse (The Canadian Badgley Royal Commission, Report on Sexual Offences Against Children and Youths), 1984. (pg. 215-218)

2. Source: Child Sexual Abuse (The Canadian Badgley Royal Commission, Report on Sexual Offences Against Children and Youths), 1984. (pg. 175)

Clinical Results and Research

World-class treatment.

Clinical results confirm the Be Brave Ranch treatment programs are pioneering a new way forward for survivors of child sexual abuse. With meaningful reductions in symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety, kids get a second chance to grow into healthy, contributing adults. Results also show a marked improvement in children’s self-esteem, quality of life, cognitive abilities and resiliency. These changes will lead to reduced mental health issues and enriched outcomes for our little warriors and their families.

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It is very gratifying that initial findings from this program are so positive, and can potentially offer realistic hope to so many children and youth. There is a real lack of evidence-based programs that demonstrate meaningful change.

– Dr. Peter Silverstone, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta and Chair of the Little Warriors Independent Scientific and Clinical Council

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