It Starts With You

We are excited to welcome you to the 10th Annual Little Warriors Be Brave Luncheon on May 10, 2023 from 11:30am-1:30pm MST at the Edmonton Convention Centre. This signature fundraising event supports the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch – 100% of the proceeds from this event helps children, teens and families who have been impacted by child sexual abuse.

The keynote speaker this year is Paul Young – originally from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Paul is a renowned New York Times bestselling author—writer of The Shack, Cross Roads and Eve. The Shack, was turned into a major motion picture and is available on Netflix – watch the trailer here. 

Paul’s story begins with the challenges of adjusting to different cultures, of dreams obliterated, of the traumas of sexual abuse that began as a five year old, of a life overcome with shame and of desperate grasping for wholeness, it does not end there. It rises to reflect a road of reconciliation, the surprises of grace and community, the potency of love, the power of transformational healing and the unexpected emergence of joy. At this year’s Little Warrior’s luncheon, Paul will take the audience on a journey of curiosity and self-discovery. He will craft an inspiring space for community and connection and divulge how he came to an important personal revelation: there’s nothing to lose by living a life of faith and trust.

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