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* 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience sexual abuse

* 95% of those children know their perpetrator

* 95% of cases go unreported

Little Warriors aims to prevent child sexual abuse. Since being founded in 2008, Little Warriors has educated over 14,000 adults to help prevent, recognize and react to child sexual abuse. We presented a 3 hour workshop developed by Darkness to Light in the US called Stewards of Children.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, Little Warriors will be offering the workshop Prevent It! Taking Action to Stop Child Sexual Abuse. Developed by researchers at the University of Alberta, this revolutionary Canadian prevention workshop will educate adults to TAKE ACTION in gaining knowledge to help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.

During the 3 hour workshop adults will learn to take action to help STOP child sexual abuse using the following steps:

Study – Participants learn about child sexual abuse and become familiar with basic information about it. Individuals will learn about healthy sexual development and what is expected in children as well as what behaviours are concerning.

Talk – Participants will learn that talking with children about their sexual development and about child sexual abuse is a critical step in reducing their vulnerability to sexual abuse.

Observe – Participants will learn about concerning signs to watch for in children that could indicate sexual abuse has occurred. Individuals will also learn about concerning signs to watch for in other adults.

Prepare for ACTION– Participants will learn ways they can begin taking action today, to help stop child sexual abuse through supporting children they are concerned about as well as working to reduce the risk of sexual abuse to other children.

This workshop is targeted to adults in communities across Canada that are responsible for the protection of children including parents, teachers, coaches, volunteers and any adult that works with or engages with children.

For more information on Prevent It! Taking Action to Stop Child Sexual Abuse Workshop click here.

Registrations on to the workshops for individuals will begin in summer 2014 for the fall workshops. If you would like to book a workshop at your location for after September 1, 2014 click here for a Group Booking Form. For more information email

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