About Little Warriors

Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization headquartered in Alberta, steadfastly dedicated to raising awareness, preventing, and treating child sexual abuse. 

Our multidisciplinary clinical team have developed world class, research-based education programs and trauma treatment for children, teens and families that have been impacted by sexual abuse. Our programs are offered without any financial barriers. The University of Alberta is our research partner and we have several publications done on our work.

Trauma Treatment for Children, Teens and Families Impacted by Sexual Abuse:

  • Be Brave Ranch: Located east of Edmonton, Alberta is a specialized, intensive, trauma-informed, evidence-based treatment centre solely focused on helping children, adolescents and families from across Canada who have been impacted by sexual abuse trauma. The program is for children ages 8-12 years old and adolescents ages 13-17. Four intensive on-site episodic treatment sessions take place over the course of a year. This program has been designed with significant input from many leading academic and clinical experts who specialize in child sexual abuse and trauma. We pride ourselves in being able to effectively manage our waiting lists so that children and youth from across Canada in need of treatment for child sexual abuse trauma are able to come to the Be Brave Ranch and receive help in a timely manner. View a virtual tour of the beautiful Be Brave Ranch here.

Online Supports and Therapeutic Coaching:

  • Be Brave Bridge Intensive Online Programs: Comprehensive, online programs that provide timely, virtual mental health support and psychoeducation to those directly affected by trauma. Our specialized counsellors and coaches support children, teens and parents/caregivers through the online module based programs. The programs offer similar evidence-based, specialized trauma supports that are provided at the Be Brave Ranch. All of the information provided has been carefully researched and offers the most effective interventions, tools and strategies.

Education Programs:

  • Bridge Community Online Programs: Developed in partnership with Safe Places, the online programs are available to the general public to educate children and youth ages 8-17 across Canada on several topics to help them navigate everyday life.  The online, self-directed, module-based programs provide information, resources, tools and strategies in an interactive, age appropriate way. They can be accessed by individuals or groups. The Facilitated Group sessions may be delivered by Youth Service providers, professionals, schools, counsellors, trained facilitators and more.
  • Prevent It! Program: Teaches adults how to help prevent child sexual abuse using the following steps: Study, Talk, Observe and Prepare for action. Trained volunteer facilitators deliver the workshop across Canada, educating thousands of adults each year about the realities of child sexual abuse. The interactive workshop gives adults the tools they need to help prevent child sexual abuse and how to respond to it. Group workshops are offered in-person or via Zoom. We also offer an Indigenous version of the workshop.  Individuals can register to complete the workshop online at their own pace or attend a public group workshop. View a promotional video here.