Heroes Unleashed
Cross-Canada Challenge

Starting May 11, 2024 Matt Devine, former overweight CEO, and current endurance athlete will cycle from the east to the west of Canada in a movement to inspire and activate transformation through physical activity, community and finding purpose – inviting Canadians to unleash their inner heroes.

Along Matt’s 13-week route he, Nicole and cofounder Lyle Best will be hosting 13 fitness inspired inclusive events in 13 major cities that bring together experts and individuals from all walks of life and fitness levels, interested in engaging in their own transformation journey.

These events are designed to hold space, motivate, connect, and educate, highlighting the link between physical activity, mental health, community and finding purpose, all focused on raising funds and awareness for Little Warriors.

We invite you to sponsor Matt’s journey as he cycles the path less traveled, embarking on a challenging adventure that is about inspiring others and sharing his journey towards self-discovery and transformation. 

Navigating through the hills and valleys of endurance, he will amplify stories of everyday heroes, proving we’re never riding solo through life’s journey towards wellness.

Cross-Canada Challenge
Destinations and Dates

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