Since our inception Little Warriors has expanded our trauma-informed treatment programs to offer a comprehensive continuum of care for children 8-12, teens 13-17 and their families. For the past two years Little Warriors has explored offering treatment options to also serve adults seeking therapy for sexual abuse they experienced in childhood.

Little Warriors’ Board of Directors and staff leadership are currently determining whether there may be potential gaps in existing treatment options for adults still experiencing negative impacts of childhood sexual abuse, how Little Warriors existing programs for children and families may be adapted for adults, and if so, potential partnerships and collaborative relationships with existing care providers operating in that space.

After 10 years of operating the Be Brave Ranch, we are now seeing children we’ve previously treated return as young adults seeking more assistance. Little Warriors is regularly approached by child sexual abuse survivors over the age of 18 who are completely new to us. No one likes the idea of turning them away just because our mandate and charitable registration status stops at helping those 17 and under.

To ensure an informed decision on adult treatment options, the Little Warriors board and staff will undertake the proper due diligence including a feasibility study, business plan, branding, site options and governance models.

We remain steadfastly focused on our top priority serving the children, adolescents and families that so desperately need our programming as well as our popular prevention programs and advocacy initiatives.

With that priority in mind, we are not actively exploring the expansion of our children or teen programs or facilities at the Be Brave Ranch right now, but later in 2024 we will assess needs for capital improvements to our existing buildings as well as the possibility of new construction.

Little Warriors participants’ successful outcomes also provide a significant return on investment. Research shows every $1 donated saves $11 in policing, corrections, healthcare and social services for addictions and homelessness.

On behalf of the children and families we serve, Little Warriors would like to sincerely thank our individual, corporate, grant and foundation supporters for their generous and compassionate contributions which help kids to heal and become healthy productive members of our communities.