Bridge Community Programs

The Bridge Community Programs were developed by the Clinical Team at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch, in collaboration with Safe Places.

We began with a concept to develop a workshop, to educate children and teens, on how to help prevent sexual abuse, in line with the Little Warriors Prevent it! Program that educates adults on how to help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.

As the team began developing content, it became apparent that we could and should utilize the knowledge and expertise of our psychologists, social workers, professionals, and parents to develop a program that would become a platform to educate and empower youth on a much broader spectrum.

After some community consultation with stakeholders and youth to assess the needs  we landed on a new vision….to create an online module-based program addressing multiple topics by providing information, resources, tools and support services in an interactive, age appropriate way that we can make available to as many youth as possible.


We are now excited to be able to share with the community – the Bridge program for Children and Youth

  • Bridge Adolescent Program for 12-17 years old (Group)
  • Bridge Adolescent Program for 12-17 years old (Individuals)
  • Coming Soon: Bridge Children’s Program for 8-12 year olds (Group)
  • Coming Soon: Bridge Children’s and Parent/Supportive Caregiver Program for 8-12 year olds to take with their parent/supportive caregiver (Individual)

Thanks to our funding partners we are able to offer this program at no cost. We will continue to seek additional funding for these programs to continue offering them to youth in communities all across Canada.

Little Warriors and Safe Places would like to extend a big Thank You to Chinook School Division and their school counsellors, along with other Saskatchewan and Albertan partners and youth for reviewing and piloting the program. The feedback related to the content, format and support structure needed to implement this program has helped shape a program that we can all be proud of.

Click here to download a one page PDF with this information. 


After registering to access the program, individuals or facilitators of groups can log into the platform and work through as many modules as they want to. Each module has information to read, videos, activities, reflection, calming grounding strategies, wrap up and resources. Facilitated programs for groups have facilitator notes and guidance as well as resources and supports to follow up with the group after the module has been delivered.

Topics Include:

Identity and Values, Culture and Traditions, Spirituality and Religion, Mental Health, Self-Care and Wellness, Resiliency, Self-Compassion, Challenging Our Thoughts, Mindfulness, Calming and Grounding, Gratitude, Mind and Body Connection, Body Image, Mindfulness and Movement (Yoga), Understanding Diversity, Gender, LGBTQI2S+, Relationships, Drama, Conflict, Jealousy, Bullying, Boundaries, Consent, Sexuality, Sexual Safety, Coming Out, Abuse, Stress, Trauma, Understanding Sexual Abuse, Dealing with Abuse, Internet Safety, Internet Child Exploitation, Sharing Intimate Images, Human Trafficking, Addiction, Self-Harm, Suicide, Eating Disorders, Effective Study Skills and Test Taking and Menstruation.



Please note: At this time only the Adolescent version of the programs are available for registration (Individual and Facilitated). The Adolescent Programs are targeted for 12 -17 year olds, however may be suitable for youth outside of this age group depending on their developmental needs or situation.

The individual program can be accessed independently by any youth, parent or caregiver, with an interest, need or want.

The Facilitated Group sessions may be delivered by youth service providers, professionals, teachers, counsellors, trained facilitators and more.

*If you are in the education sector and would like us to apply to have the facilitated version of the Bridge Program approved for your school district please connect with us for best next steps.

More Information

Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization focused on the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. The Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch is a specialized, intensive, trauma treatment centre for children who have been sexually abused.

Safe Places is a City of Swift Current, SK, initiative that focuses on standardizing and developing best practices for youth service providers through education, awareness and certification to improve the safety, support and services for youth in the community.

For more information on the Bridge Community Programs contact:

Shannon Phelan, Little Warriors,

Kelly Schafer, Safe Places,