In order to accommodate more children at the Be Brave Ranch for treatment, we need to increase our staff team. With an increase in staff, came the need for more office space. Due to the nature of our work, offices need to be private. We had a space available, and a vision to turn one office into 3.

We reached out to our friends at Ghost Reconstruction to see if they could help.  To our surprise, not only did they offer to help, they tapped on many shoulders to get other folks involved to help make this project a reality. The crew met on site, took some measurements and pictures and came up with the plan. They would complete the work over 5 weekends, as it was all volunteer work outside of their regular work hours.

Thank you to Josh, Daniel, Tyler, Paul, Brad, Mike, Cory, Toni and Amanda from Ghost Reconstruction for making this project happen. Ghost Reconstruction is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing an unparalleled service in the construction industry. Please support those who support us! If you need work done for fire, water and smoke restoration or demolition, new construction, renovations, basements and additions – give them a call!

Team Work is Dream Work

The team at Ghost Reconstruction then reached out to their connections to help make this project possible. Thanks to the following amazing community minded companies and individuals who jumped at the chance to help out with this project:

Curtis with Ice Electric
Scott from Precision Woodworking
Ryan from Windsor Plywood