Help us build happier, healthier futures for the children and families at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch. In addition to monetary donations, we welcome donations of items and supplies to help us keep our operating costs down.

If you purchase items to donate and would like a Gift in Kind tax receipt – please include the original receipt and attach it to the completed Gift in Kind donation form and include both with your donation.

If you have any questions or require more information please connect directly with Shannon at our office at

Drop-off Locations

A sincere thank you to Sherwood Flooring and City Homes Master Builder for allowing us to use their locations as donation drop off locations.

Sherwood Flooring: #105, 108 Provincial Ave, Sherwood Park // Open Mon 9am-4pm, Thurs to Fri, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sat 11 a.m. – 4 p.m

City Homes Master Builder: Please drop your donations at the following locations during the hours 3-8pm M-Th and 12-5pm Sat/Sun/Stats:

    • Cy Becker: 17147 46 Street
    • Secord Heights: 2724 224 Street NW
    • Kinglet by Big Lake: 5706 Lark Point
    • Glenridding Ravine: 2060 160 Street
    • Cavanagh: 3505 Checknita Point SW

Items and Supplies Needed

Click here to view a PDF overview of our Items and Supplies on our wish list. 

Holiday Donation Drive

Tis the Season to give back to charity! If you are part of a group and want to organize a donation drive for the little warriors at the Be Brave Ranch they would feel so loved! Click here for a PDF of our wish list. Reach out to Shannon at if you need any help with a donation ask letter, or our logo, messaging or a donation pick-up in the Edmonton area.

If you have specific questions about anything on our list please email 

  • Urgently needed

    Kids and Adult disposable masks

    Lysol/Clorox disinfectant wipes

    Nitrile gloves (small and medium)

    Cloth Laundry Baskets (like the ones pictured) 

    New Socks and Underwear: Women’s small, medium, large, Men’s small, medium and large and Children’s suitable for ages 8-12 year olds.

    Cereal: Kids love cereal!! Honey Nut Cheerios, Regular Cheerios Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran.

    Art Supplies: We go through A LOT of supplies in art therapy with the children and teens. See below for the full list under Craft/Art Supplies.

    The elder that does our sweats at the Ranch has requested that we have 5 dark brown canvas tarps that are at least 20′ x 20′ to be used for the creation of our sweat lodge and 3′ white poplar wood.

  • Aromatherapy

    Necklaces, essential oils, hand lotions, humidifiers.

    We would also really love donations of Mala bracelets to be able to give our teen girls when they graduate as this is a popular gift that they love.

  • Benches for around the fire pit
  • Blue Tooth Speakers
  • Cleaning/Laundry Supplies

    Dish soap (liquid), hand soap (liquid), oven cleaner, broom/dust pan set, mops and mop head replacements, toilet bowl brushes, laundry soap, fabric softener, unscented dryer sheets, Shout or Oxy, wool dryer balls, dishwasher pods (septic tank friendly).

  • Clock Radios

    For the children’s bedrooms—cordless ones that are battery operated.

  • Clothing - Not accepting clothing donations at this time. We do need socks/ underwear.

    Socks and (new) underwear for boys and girls ages 8-16.

    Bras for teen girls suitable for girls ages 13-16.

    We are in need of dress pants/shirts for boys and gowns/dresses for girls, as well as dress shoes/heels, for when children graduate from the Be Brave Ranch program. It is such a special day for the children, so they love to look and feel special for the occasion. Sizes 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16 and women’s small or medium in shirts, and pants.

    **Please note we only need clothing items that are listed here. We have recently had a large donation of all other clothing items and we do not have room to store any more.

  • Cork Boards X 4
  • Craft/Art Therapy Supplies

    Canvases: variety of sizes, wooden canvas boards

    Paint: (acrylic, non-toxic), tempera paint (liquid, or paint sticks), spray paint, washable paints, Flood – Floetrol (more details here).

    Paper: watercolour paper (140 lb), doodle books (blank), blank (art) journals with heavyweight paper (mixed media or water-colour paper), paper/fabric flowers, flip chart paper, poster board (more details here).

    Glue: mini glue sticks, liquid white glue

    Other: Sharpies, sandpaper, tie dye, perler beads. plaster strips (“Paris Craft” or other brand), pouring medium, Fun Stuff Paris Craft, Liquitex brand Matte Gel medium, Floetrol (latex based), (more details here) soft chalk pastels, resin, Neocolor II aquarelle sticks, stickers of all sorts, ribbon (fabric, grosgrain, lace, etc), round plastic table cloths (from dollar store) wax paper, tin foil. (More details here).

    The kids really enjoy making slime, so we are in need of some slime-making supplies: Elmers glue, shaving cream, and contact solution.

    Gift certificates to dollar stores, Michaels or Bedrock Supply Ltd. would be a welcome donation for us to purchase art supplies for special projects.

    ** Please note we do not require construction paper as we have a large supply of this on site.

  • Diffusers

    Diffusers with no cords (such as this one).

  • Flip Chart Paper, Poster Board and Rolls of Newsprint Paper

    Blank flip chart paper (unlined), poster boards in a variety of colours and rolls of newsprint paper.

    ** Please note we do not require construction paper as we have a large supply of this on site.

  • Food

    Healthy, non-perishable food items that children ages 8-16 would enjoy. Cereal – because all kids love cereal!! Honey Nut Cheerios, Regular Cheerios Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran, herbal tea,  granola bars, instant oatmeal, pasta, pasta sauce, protein bars, canned salmon, tuna, pickles, salsa, spices, juice boxes, soup, chewing gum etc.

  • Footwear

    For boys and girls ages 8-12 and girls ages 13-16 (sizes 2-10)– runners, soft soled shoes, rubber boots, nice comfy slippers, and winter boots.

  • Gas Cards

    To help with travel for our recreation activities around the Edmonton area and to assist with travel costs for children and families.

  • Gift Cards

    Home Depot, Rona, Walmart, Dollarama, Michaels, Superstore, iTunes, Boston Pizza, Starbucks, McDonalds, Tim Hortons.

    *A creative way to donate gift cards is to use your Aeroplan or Airmiles for gift cards and then donate them to Little Warriors.

  • Hangers - Plastic or Wooden (not wire)
  • Humidifiers/White Noise Machines
  • Hygiene Products

    Feminine hygiene products, hair brushes for wet and dry hair, body wash, hair elastics, detangler.

    *Please note we do not require shampoo or conditioner as we have recently received a large donation of these items.

  • Ice Melt

    Large pails to be used on the slippery areas at the Be Brave Ranch.

  • Incentive Prizes

    Gift certificates to dollar stores that can be used in the Edmonton area would be greatly appreciated.

    If you would prefer to shop for items, appropriate items could include packs of gum, glow sticks, cards, trinkets, cars, spa items (nail decals), stickers or anything fun that the kids would love to get as a reward.

  • Journals and Small Photo Albums

    Journals and small personal photo albums (small soft dollar store photo albums, not hard cover ones).

  • Just for Fun/ Our wishes

    Mascara (for graduation ceremonies when the kids get all dressed up and have makeovers), manicure and spa kits for spa nights with the children (fruity facial masks, nail polish, nail decals/stickers, sugar scrubs etc.), hair chalk, essential oils, aromatherapy items, hand lotions (smelly lotions), chewing gum, Scentsy bars, diffusers, and oils.

    For graduation we like to give each child a little gift. Mala bracelets are very popular for both the boys and girls.

    One of our staff members won and donated a PlayStation 5 for the kids to use at the Be Brave Ranch but we have no games for it. We would love to have a couple (non violent) games for the kids to play when they are on site.

  • Kitchen/Baking Supplies

    Dishwasher, food processor and stand mixer, electric hand mixers X 4 (one for each cabin), blenders, crockpot, waffle maker, serving platters, plastic cups, piping tips, Ziploc bags, soup bowls, metal pot set without plastic handles, dawn dish soap and cooking spray.

  • Laminator
  • Laptops

    Laptops for our staff with Windows 10 (4-6) *Our poor laptops are very old and are starting to fail us. We could really use some new ones. (We have a connection to purchase lap tops at cost, so a monetary donation designated to lap tops would be helpful)

  • Mattress Protectors

    Bed Bug/Waterproof mattress protectors for double beds.

  • Musical Instruments

    Hand drums

    Someone that is experienced to tune our pianos that we have on site

  • Night lights and LED or Battery Book Reading Lights
  • Office Supplies

    Copy paper 8.5 x 11, Sharpies, dry erase markers, Post-It notes, glue sticks, paper clips, file folders (8 x 10), masking tape/scotch tape, shredders, desk-top printers (not older than 2 yrs old), laminator & laminating sheets, flip chart paper, rolls of newsprint paper, packing tape.

    We are also in need of toner/ink: Canon 128 Black, 902 XL Color/Black (4 pack), HP 12A (Q2612A) Black, 952 XL-Black and Color, HP 63 XL Black and Color, Epson 273 Black XL, Epson 273 Color XL, HP 61 Black and Color (Combo).

    ** Please note we do not require construction paper as we have a large supply of this on site.

  • Outdoor items

    Battery operated lanterns, pump for balls and tires, 10×10 pop up shade tents, folding wagon, motion sensor lights, (2) commercial outdoor runners/turf mats 4′ x 8′ or 4′ x 10′, 18″ Stihl Chainsaw.

  • Recreation Experiences (Gift Cards for Edmonton area)

    Coupons, Groupons or gift certificates for recreation opportunities for the kids in the Edmonton area.

  • Sensory Items

    Scentsy sticks, aromatherapy lotions, various fidget, sensory toys or stress balls/shapes.

  • Silent Auction Items

    In order to raise much needed funding for Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch we are looking for silent auction items to use in an online silent auction for 2 upcoming events; The Be Brave Luncheon on May 6th, 2021 (live, virtual event) and Little Warriors Golf Tournament on September 8th at The Quarry.

    Examples of great silent auction items could include jewelry, art, liquor baskets, car detailing certificates, spa packages, maid services, a certificate for 3+ months of flowers, handyman work, hotel packages, getaways, adventure experiences, ski passes, restaurant gift certificates, etc.

    If you need further information please email Shannon at 

  • Special Event Decorations

    To be used for Graduation ceremonies for the children, such as streamers, table cloths etc.

  • Tablets or IPads
  • T-Shirts

    Plain white t-shirts that we can use for tie-dye in sizes 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16 and women’s small or medium.

  • Toys for Therapy

    Fidget/sensory toys, plastic lace string to make chew toys, Playmobile toys, sand table toys, therapeutic/educational games, perler beads, small toys under six inches: figurines, dinosaurs, animals of all kinds, matchbox cars.

  • Toys for the Playroom

    Excellent used condition and meant for a child between the ages of 8-16. Some examples are Sensory Toys (Education Station), Lego, K-Nex, science experiments, dolls, Barbie’s, puppets, Rainbow Loom, indoor sand box, indoor sand box toys.

  • Toys for the Magic Room

    When the children arrive on site at the Be Brave Ranch, they get to choose a toy/item to have of their very own from our Magic Room.

    *Please keep in mind that the children are 8-17 years old.

    Ideas for Children ages 8-12: Stuffed Animals/Build a Bear, Pop its (fidget), Adult/Teen Coloring books, Squish Mallow Pillows, Art Kits, Lego sets (Harry Potter, Ninjago, Lego Friends), Hot Wheels cars/tracks, Science Kits, Fuzzy slippers/house coats, Self-care Kits (bath salts/bubble bath, hair and face masks, nail polish), LOL Dolls, Pokemon, Bey Blades.

    Ideas for Teen Girls ages 13-17: Henna kits, body art/tattoo pens/kits, fancy face masks/hair masks/self-care items, Starbucks thermos or fun travel cup, diffusers, essential oils, makeup kits, hair tools (straighteners, curling irons) Self-care kits (bath salts/bubble bath, hair and face masks, nail polish), plush blankets Pop it’s/fidget toys, Squishmallow pillows, LOL Dolls, Pokemon, Bey Blades.

  • Water Bottles (Reusable and New)

Skills, Equipment and Materials Needed

  • Skills

    Carpentry, Painting, Trenching, Tree Pruning, Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance, Deck Building, Landscaping/Lawn Mowing.

  • Materials

    Paint, Lumber, Asphalt, Electrical Supplies.