Help us build happier, healthier futures for the children, adolescents, families and adults impacted by child sexual abuse.

We are looking for support for two simultaneous and history-making initiatives: the addition of a new cabin on the Be Brave Ranch property and the monumental construction of Our Lighthouse. These projects will allow Little Warriors to support all individuals who have been impacted by child sexual abuse.

In addition to monetary donations, we welcome donations of materials and labour to help keep our construction costs down. 

If you have any questions or require more information please connect directly with Kris, Director of Operations at

Materials Needed

  • Outdoor

    Double Garage Package

    Landscaping (Topsoil, trees, shrubs, sod)

    Chainlink Fencing (550lm)

    Power Operated Sliding Gate

    20mm Road Crush Gravel (2200 m2)


    Asphalt Pavement (5600 m2)

    Radon Rock

    Polyethylene Vapour Barrier (2200 m2)

    Geotectile Fabric

    Weeping Tile

    Waterproofing/Dampproofing Membrane (350 m2)

    Rigid XPS Insulation Type 4 (710 m2 @ 2″ thick)

    Concrete (1350 m3)

    Reinforcing Steel (75,000 kg)

    Concrete Sealers and Curing Compounds (2235 m2)

    Formwork (2235 m2)

    Tyndall Stone Masonry (300 m2)

    Semi Rigid Mineral Wool Insulation

    Structural Steel (Columns, beams, Open Web Steel Joists, Metal Decking)

    Heavy Timber Structural (columns, beams, glue-laminated decking)

    Lumber & Plywood

  • Indoor

    Plastic Laminate Cabinets

    Quartz Counter Tops

    Cabinet Hardware

    Solid Wood Ceilings (230 m2)

    Rigid EPS Insulation Type 2 (22540 m2 @ 9″ thick)

    Foamed in Place Insulation (14700 m2 @ 6″ depth)

    Peel and stick air/vapour barrier (37240 m2)

    SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane (22540 m2)

    Metal Flashings

    Firestopping (1060 lm)

    Joint Sealants

    Fiber Cement Siding (14700 m2)

    Hollow Metal Doors and Pressed Steel Frames (8 singles, 2 doubles)

    Pressed steel frames (114 singles, 18 doubles)

    Solid Core Wood Veneer Doors (106 singles, 16 doubles)

    Door Hardware (114 single doors, 18 double doors)

    PVC Vinyl Windows (30)

    Aluminum Curtain Glazing (3685 sq ft)

    Aluminum Entry Doors (2 sets)

    Steel Stud Framing

    Gypsum Board (6000 m2)

    Acoustic Ceilings (710 m2)

    Ceramic Wall Tile (60m2)

    Porcelain/Sintered Stone Floor Tiles (1020 m2)

    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (845 m2)

    Carpet Tile (325 m2)

    Sheet Vinyl Flooring (635m2)

    Epoxy Floor Coating (55 m2)

    Paint (9200 m2)

    Washroom Accessories (30 in guests rooms and 13 public washrooms)

    Mirrors (30 in guest rooms and 13 public washrooms)

    Roller Window Shades (30 guest rooms)

    Commercial Kitchen Appliances


    Piping (water, gas, storm, sanitary)

    Plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, faucets, hose bibs, drains, showers, tubs, etc.) (30 guest rooms and 13 public washrooms)

    Sprinkler piping, sprinkler heads, fittings, etc)



    Air and Dirt seperator

    Hydraulic seperator

    Expansion tank

    Condensate Neutralizers

    Glycol tanks

    Side stream filter assembly

    Chiller Plan

    Buffer Tank

    Kitchen Make Up Air Unit

    Packaged Slith Air Conditioning Unit

    Condensing Unit

    VAV Boxes

    Fan Coils

    Force Flow heaters

    Domestic Water Heaters

    Air Handling Unit

    HVAC fixtures (diffusers, grills, dampers, duct work, etc)


    Electrical Generator (300kW)

    Electrical wiring/cabling

    Electrical EMT conduit

    1200 A Main Distribution Panel

    Panel Boards and Breakers

    Transfer Switches

    Electrical and Light Fixtures

    Fire Alarm Devices

    Light Poles